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Gmina Baborów Herb Gmina Baborów

Brickworks in Baborów ANG

In the 19th century, local industry developed rapidly in the area of ​​Baborów. He was represented by: breweries, distilleries, brickyards, a sugar factory and a cement factory.
The construction of the steam brickyard located in Jaroniów (near the railway station) is due to the Baborów sanitary counselor W. Proske, who was its owner for several years. The brickyard was already in operation in 1861 and provided employment to the local residents of Jarońów and Baborów. In addition to traditional bricks, it produced roof tiles and paving tiles. In 1875 Edwin Rudziński became the new owner of the brickyard. And in 1903 his brother - Oskar Rudno Rudziński. After his death in 1919, the brickyard passed into the hands of his wife Gabriela and three sons: Andrzej, Edward and Marian Rudziński. From January 1940 to March 1945, the Rudziński brick factory was taken over by the Nazi German authorities. It was caused by the Polish origins of the owners of the plant.
By the decision of the County Office in Głubczyce of July 16, 1945, Edward Rudziński received a temporary permission to manage a brickyard. In March 1945, Rudziński's brickyard was damaged. A bomb fell on the main building and destroyed the brick-firing chambers. In addition, the main chimney of the plant was damaged. One of the brothers renovated the buildings and premises of the brick factory. He replaced the 70% damaged sleepers and rails leading to the railway siding. As a result of the war, the former specialists did not return to work in the newly opened factory. On April 1, 1946, the brick factory resumed the production of bricks. In the first months of 1946, 44 manual and 2 white-collar workers found employment there. As early as 1946, the brickyard encountered difficulties related to the lack of raw materials for the production of bricks, such as: coal dust, grease, olive oil, glass paper, acetylene. In November - due to the lack of coal - the raw brick production was stopped, and on December 18, 1946, the burning of bricks was stopped. From April 1, 1946 to December 18, 1946, 2,400,000 bricks were produced in the Rudziński brickyard in Baborów. In 1948, a brickyard under the name of ,, Rudziński i Spółka z o.o. The Steam Brickyard in Baborów ”was entered in the commercial register. Thanks to this, the building with all buildings and equipment became the property of the Rudziński family. In 1951 - pursuant to the act on nationalization - the Rudziński brickyard, in accordance with the order of the Central Office of Small Manufacturing, was incorporated under the management of Głubczyckie Zakłady Terenowego Przemysłu Materiałów Budowlanych with its seat in Branice. On September 30, 1966, the Rudziński brickyard was nationalized, that is, it became the property of the state. At the end of the 1960s, the steam drive was changed to electric in the brickyard.
The last user of the Rudziński brickyard in 1989 was the Opolskie Przedsiębiorstwo Materiałów Budowlanych in Opole. In 1991, the brick factory at ul. Railway. At that time, a total of 45 people were employed there. After numerous efforts of the rightful owners, after 32 years - in 1998, the brickyard returned to the Rudziński family.
Apart from the Rudziński brickyard, there were two smaller brickyards in Baborów, established in 1877 near ul. Głubczycka. One of them was owned by the Deponte family, and earlier by Skiba. In 1913, during a thunderstorm, lightning struck the chimney of this brick factory and halved it. Half of the chimney collapsed onto the roof of an adjoining apartment building. Despite the warfare in 1945, two brickyards with buildings at ul. Głubczycka were not destroyed. In 1948, the brickyard was closed.

The third brickyard in Baborów - also located at ul. Głubczycka - until 1930 it belonged to Kokott. In 1930, due to the owner's financial difficulties, it was forcibly auctioned off and bought for 75,000 marks by Riedel. However, in 1947 the brickyard was nationalized. Thus, in 1948, there were only two brickyards in Baborów.

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